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Monday, October 19, 2009

Edward Carpenter, America in Middle East, John Cheever, Nadeem F. Paracha

The British base called Stalingrad
* Self delusion
Hindus and Muslims join hands to renovate a temple in Kashmir
* Aur idhar hum aik doosray ko bomb se ooRa rahay haiN
President Zardari extends local govts’ tenure till Dec 31
* Ad-hocism zindabad
View from US: Inglorious acts Anjum Niaz
* Expose- Tillman and McChrystal

Alright instead of Jawabdeh - Jawab daiN -- to these queries ~~t

Where are the schools, hospitals, a welfare system, political stability, a robust democracy, a healthy economy, and a life free of sectarian and religious strife, bigotry, bloodshed and hatred? We are all prisoners of certain delusions—about ourselves and about the many countries that we believe are constantly scheming against us. We refuse to free ourselves from these paranoid, self-serving apparitions and yet we demand sovereignty from the nefarious designs of our many (largely imagined) enemies. The enemy is us. Nadeem F. Paracha

Edward Carpenter: A Life of Liberty and Love by Sheila Rowbotham - In Books - Edward Carpenter was many things: a prolific writer and campaigner on numerous issues, an open homosexual and a student of eastern philosophy. He was also the epitome of the sandal-wearing, vegetarian socialist so pilloried by George Orwell. Deemed naive by some, and now somewhat forgotten, he was a progressive thinker, interested in connections between people and in finding a fairer way of living. Rowbotham's masterful and detail-rich biography shows how influential he was in his day. He had an opinion on most things, wrote numerous essays and tracts and met and corresponded with many significant figures including Walt Whitman, Roger Fry and EM Forster. Rowbotham's fascination with Carpenter is evident, but she's not blind to his many contradictions.

A World of Trouble: America in the Middle East by Patrick Tyler - By Peter Beaumont on Books
The disappointing records of 10 US presidents in Middle East affairs are put under the spotlight
When President Obama addressed the Muslim world in a speech in Cairo earlier this year, his aim was to recalibrate the relationship between the US and Islam after eight years of the Bush administration. The President suggested that the era of the US treating the Middle East with suspicion was over, but six months later, in the face of Israeli defiance, little had changed. The author of this gripping book documenting 10 presidents' work in the region can't have been surprised.

The demons of John Cheever By Rachel Cooke on Books - John Cheever, brilliant chronicler of American suburbia led a tortured double life filled with sexual guilt, alcoholism and self-loathing. On the eve of a major new biography, Rachel Cooke travels to his beloved home in upstate New York, and meets his daughter, son and 90-year-old widow

Paul Newman: A Life by Shawn Levy - By Vanessa Thorpe on Books - Paul Newman comes over as squeaky clean, almost, in a scrupulous new biography, says Vanessa Thorpe
Paul Newman was perfect. You could almost have called him the Queen Mother of Hollywood (but then people did sometimes say rude things about her late Majesty). Newman looked good and he had good ethics. Even his branded salad dressing tastes fairly good.


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