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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dilip Hiro,Twitter Lists Go LIVE: See What Twitter's New Feature Can Do

Why Obama's Iran Policy Will Fail By Dilip Hiro While the tone of the Obama administration is different from that of its predecessor, and some of its foreign policies diverge from those of George W. Bush, at their core both administrations subscribe to the same doctrine: Whatever the White House perceives as a threat -- whether it be Iran, North Korea, or the proliferation of long-range missiles -- must be viewed as such by Moscow and Beijing.

Droid vs iPhone: Reviews Compare Smartphones Side By Side (POLL) - Droid vs iPhone reviews say that the battle is on between the two products. The smartphones are similar, though a closer look reveals each has its advantages. The iPhone 3GS has more than 93,000 apps compared to the 10,000 currently available for the Motorola Droid. But the Droid trumps the iPhone on megapixels with 5.0 to 3.0.

Twitter Lists Go LIVE: See What Twitter's New Feature Can Do - Twitter is rolling out a new feature that allows Twitter users to sort the people they follow by organizing them into customized lists. Twitter's lists help filter some of some the chatter on Twitter so that you can follow specific people, topics, or groups. For example, if you're a Mac lover, you might want put together (or follow) a list that's made up only of people blogging about things Apple-related. The Huffington Post has already started building, using, and incorporating Twitter lists. HuffPost has curated a number of lists -- focusing on everything from yoga and baseball to health care reform and Iran -- and has been included in over 780 lists. (See HuffPost's lists here)

Johann Hari: Fame Is Like Sugar -- A Little Is Great, Too Much Is Deadly

7 Inventions That Are Changing The World

Councillors resign over blogger attacks

Haunting melodies - his autobiography Memories Come Alive, Manna Dey remembers the composer duo thus: “The most interesting feature of Shankar and Jaikishan’s melodies was their sheer novelty and, in that respect, they remain unrivalled.” He felt particularly indebted to Shankar, who, he felt, brought out the best in him. He does not feel the same way though about another stalwart, Sachin Dev Burman, who, when he engaged Manna Dey to render “Upar gagan vishal” for Nitin Bose’s Mashaal, actually wanted him to resurrect K.C. Dey’s style. Of course, it is one of Manna Babu’s finest songs and is terribly difficult to sing. But S.D. Burman never asked him to sing regularly for him even after the singer proved his mettle a hundred times over with other noteworthy composers.

Interview with Manna Dey - ‘I want to carry on singing’


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