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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Anjum Niaz, Politico, Faux News, Borowitz

With the NRO in hot news today, the law ministry is planting all sorts of sob stories saying that the NAB records have again gone missing. Well let me add my two-bit information to this drama: After the February 2008 elections when the PPP polled the highest votes, Asif Zardari immediately appointed two gentlemen on important posts. According to my information both the gents visited the NAB office in Islamabad to make sure that nothing incriminating against them and their boss existed. I wrote about it. Sure enough a contradiction from relevant quarters followed. Now an English newspaper (not this one) has again printed the same story on its front page recently. I wonder if there will be a contradiction this time. Anjum Niaz

Memory lapse: Politico asks, "What if Bush had done" things he actually did - By M.W.
In support of his dubious argument that the press is treating President Obama more favorably than President Bush, Politico's Josh Gerstein falsely suggested that unlike David Axelrod, Karl Rove was never involved in national security meetings. In addition, Gerstein advanced the falsehood that the Bush administration did not attack MSNBC and other news outlets.

Eric Boehlert: 30 reasons why Fox News is not legit By E.B.
"Journalists should be honest, fair and courageous in gathering, reporting and interpreting information." -- Society of Professional Journalists - Why the Beltway press has invested so much time and energy in recent weeks defending Fox News, with one scribe even claiming that the White House's public critique of the network was "dangerous to press freedom," and why the press refuses to acknowledge what's so obvious about the cable channel's political pursuits, remains baffling.

Andy Borowitz: Northwest Pilots Not in Cockpit; Found at Home Hiding in Box -
MINNEAPOLIS (The Borowitz Report) - The mystery surrounding the Northwest Airlines flight that strayed 150 miles from its intended destination was resolved today as Northwest...


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