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Monday, September 14, 2009

Why can't we name our Peaks Ardeshir Cowasjee? Mega land scam in Karachi, Raud Klasra sues website, Jaish growing

Why cannot we name these mountain peaks reflecting our culture and history? ~t

BLESSED are we 180 million souls who inhabit Pakistan. We have towering over our land five mountain peaks exceeding 8,000 metres in height – Mount Goodwin Austin (K2) 8,611m; Mount Nanga Parbat 8,126m; Mount Gasherbrum(I) 8,068m; Mount Broad Peak 8,047m; and Mount Gasherbrum (II) 8,035m. Enough water flows down our rivers to enable us to dam and electrify entire regions, but this has not happened. We have a coastline of 1,000km opening up on one of the world’s wide seaways, but we only have two deepwater ports (and no private sector-owned ships fly the Pakistan flag). The country has survived for 62 years and all governments have deliberately ensured that some 40 per cent of the population remains illiterate. Aredeshir Cowasjee ‘Eat, drink and be merry…’

State land measuring more than 75,000 sq yards situated in the heart of Karachi, whose market value was once assessed at Rs 7 billion has been leased out to a private party for 99 years by the Sindh government for merely Rs 155 million, it is learnt.According to sources, on the basis of previous assessments, the government had three figures before it to fix the rate of the commercial land i.e. Rs 7 billion as assessed in 2007; Rs 3.76 billion as determined in 1998; or Rs 2.636 billion as per the price fixed in 2006 by the District Price Fixation Committee.However, it adopted none of these figures. Instead a special meeting of the District Price Fixation Committee, headed by the EDO Revenue, was arranged to get assessed its market price and brought it down to Rs 8,230 per square yard (Rs 40 m per acre), which brought the land price from Rs 2.6 billion (@35,000 per sq yd) in 2006 to Rs 620 million in 2009. And when it came to the finalisation of the deal the land was sold for 1/4th of this highly under-assessed price. Mega land scam in Karachi - Ansar Abbasi

Rauf Klasra a Pakistani investigative journalist who visited London to sue a UK based website has revealed in one of his latest column that he have issued a hundred million pounds compensation notice to the website for publishing some material and a plot scandal against him. According to the Rauf Kalsra column this website is acting as a media cell for PMLN and is backed by some PMLN Leaders in Lahore. Rauf Klasra further expressed a plan to register a formal case in UK court of law within next 14 days. Rauf Klasra

A Pakistani terrorist group that's allied with al Qaida and sends jihadists to Afghanistan to fight U.S. and government troops is building a huge new base in full view of the authorities in Pakistan's most heavily populated province, locals and officials told McClatchy.
Jaish-e-Mohammad ("Army of Mohammad"), which is linked to a series of atrocities, including an attack on the Indian parliament in Delhi and the murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl, has walled off a 4.5-acre compound three miles outside the town of Bahawalpur in the far south of the Pakistan's heartland Punjab province. Saeed Shah


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