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Monday, September 14, 2009

Washington DC and its freemasons, Hatreds that need exposing, Anish Kapoor: Maverick let loose in art's hall of fame

The street violence outside a new mosque in Harrow last week was the worst in a recent series of running battles provoked by right-wing groups. The immediate cause of the fighting, which has flared up in several British cities in recent weeks, has been aggressive demonstrations by groups called "Stop the Islamification of Europe" and "English Defence League". They have succeeded in goading young Muslim men and far left groups into responding and sometimes into attacking the police. Plainly, ignorance about Islam is an underlying factor, but the causes of this conflict are a little more complicated than that. Hatreds that need exposing

Washington DC and its freemasons braced for new Dan Brown book By Joanna Walters on Books Freemasonry is at the heart of the foundation of America's capital, according to the author of The Da Vinci Code Washington DC is used to hordes of eager tourists, brandishing guidebooks and rushing around the sights, but it is bracing itself for a different influx this week – and a potentially hostile one. From Tuesday, when Dan Brown unveils the long-awaited sequel to his blockbuster novel The Da Vinci Code, fans are expected to descend on the US capital to gawk at the locations featured in it. They swarmed to places in Britain, France and Italy mentioned in Brown's previous works. The new book, The Lost Symbol, is set largely in Washington and will give the reader a picturesque tour of the seats of American power. But it is also expected to reveal a more mysterious side to the city by exposing the influence that freemasonry exerted not only on the design of Washington DC but on the founding fathers .

The only time I'd met Anish Kapoor, he was leaning over a balustrade at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Nantes, looking unassuming and cheery. Below, in the sculpture court, local art students laid the rails for Svayambh, a work that would drag a vast block of wax on a freight car through the court's too-small main arch. The museum was faced in tufa, an unlikeably dead pale stone. As Kapoor's juggernaut forced its slow way through the arch, it left a growing crust the colour of old blood on the pristine soffit and sides. The effect was of rape, but also of murder: for all the whiteness of its art museum, Nantes had a bad war record, deporting its Jews to death camps. Down in the court, the students slithered about in wax, red from hair to feet like souls in torment. Kapoor, the son of an Indian Hindu father and an Iraqi-Jewish mother, pondered it impassively. Then he burst out laughing and squealed, "It looks like Hell!" Anish Kapoor: Maverick let loose in art's hall of fame

Why Glenn Beck's McCarthyism Is So Dangerous By Ellen on Glenn Beck
John Santore at Media Matters nailed exactly why Glenn Beck's media-savvy hate mongering is so dangerous. There's also a video after the jump. At a time when conservatives are unable to find new leadership or present new ideas to address the challenges facing our nation, it is perhaps fitting that their media leaders and spokespeople -- individuals like Glenn Beck -- have fallen back on a 60-year-old slander: communist. Beck's forum consists of his radio program, his nightly show on Fox News, and his books. The witnesses he calls at his hearings form the endless parade of political demagogues he...

Dividing War Spoils: Israel's Robbery of Palestinian Property By Dr. Salman Abu Sitta
While the news headlines were occupied with the freeze or suspension of Jewish settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories or with the competition for positions in the sixth Fateh conference in Bethlehem, Israel is putting into effect the most devastating operation since the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in al Nakba of 1948. This new operation aims to eliminate irrevocably Palestinian rights and historical roots in Palestine.

'Give Me a Rocket Launcher ..' By Jim Miles
A Canadian polling company, the Angus Reid Global Monitor, [1] indicates that the majority of the world's citizens express concerns about their countries' role in the war, and the majority wishes the troops to be removed. This includes the majority of the big hitters in NATO, and many other countries around the world. There are exceptions, with mixed results from U.S. polls indicating support for Obama but not necessarily for the war, and with India, a country with different political aspirations vis a vis Pakistan, still strongly supporting the Afghanistan occupation.


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