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Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Wahab Jaffer Collection Goes Public & NuktaArt

I have had the privilege to see some of Wahab Jaffer's art collection some years back at his then sprawling house in Karachi near the AKU and FJ School. Had met him here first through art critic Nafis Ghaznavi. Wahab told me he had moved some of it to Toronto. This article by Rumana jogged some of those memories. ~t

Barbara Isenberg, associate director of the Los Angeles Institute for the Humanities, who writes and lectures about art issues and personalities, defines an art collector as a decorator, possessor, scholar, trader, exhibitor, patron and influencer. In my opinion an art collector is an amalgam of all these and much more. A serious collector is often also a visionary. If and when the collection is passed to another custodian then the dreams of yet another person become tied to it.Recently one of Pakistan’s important art collections, that of Wahab Jaffer, the scion of the Jaffer family was sold to the Rangoonwala Trust.A businessman by profession, art collector and painter by passion, Wahab Jaffer can be called as one of the country’s most avid art-collectors with the work of 127 different artists. According to him “They are not all Pakistani, as although 75% of the collection does comprise of works by artists of this country, I also have various contemporary works from India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, UK and Canada.” The Wahab Jaffer Collection Goes Public -Rumana Husain


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Niilofur Farrukh is the Editor, and Rumana Husain is the Senior Editor.


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