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Friday, September 25, 2009

Unpopular Americans?, Musharraf making amends? - Manghopir Resort?

Other than the obvious reason/s for anti american sentiments ... the underlying tussle betweeen wannabee amir ul momineen and the lap-dog cannot be overlooked in th efollowing report filed by Karen DeYoung and Pamela Constable

A new wave of anti-American sentiment in Pakistan has slowed the arrival of hundreds of U.S. civilian and military officials charged with implementing assistance programs, undermined cooperation in the fight against al-Qaeda and the Taliban and put American lives at risk, according to officials from both countries. In recent weeks, Pakistan has rejected as "incomplete" at least 180 U.S. government visa requests. Its own ambassador in Washington has criticized what he called a "blacklist" used by the Pakistani intelligence service to deny visas or to conduct "rigorous, intrusive and obviously crude surveillance" of journalists and non-governmental aid organizations it dislikes, including the Congress-funded International Republican Institute and National Democratic Institute.

And in this report from Daily Times quoting ABC it appears Musharraf is earning his keep or making amends for his earlier remarks vis diverting US military aid ~~t

Pakistan and India will face great danger from Al Qaeda if the United States pulls out of Afghanistan, former president Pervez Musharraf said on Thursday.In an exclusive interview with ABC News, Musharraf said a US pullout would result in an unstable Afghanistan.“The country [Afghanistan] will become the centre of all Al Qaeda sanctuaries and consequently could extend its influence into Pakistan and possibly even India,” Musharraf said.

With its proposed facilities, Manghopir Resort, if constructed within stipulated time and without any hurdles in terms of funding, is all set to become a model recreational zone in the country. However, there are some fears regarding the eviction of the locals, who have been inhabited the area for generations, including those associated with the famous shrine of Manghopir and its adjoining pond of crocodiles. The scheme is extremely ambitious. It includes a lake for fishing to cater to angling enthusiasts as well as facilities for cooking by the lake’s shores. Besides this, cottages will also be constructed there.There is also a plan to set up a golf course with international facilities and a water amusement park. A proposal has also been floated to set up a “city forest” while wooden huts on the hilltop for temporary stay of visitors along with a hilltop view park have also been proposed. Plants and trees will be grown using the drip irrigation system to provide a green cover while dew jet poles are also included in the scheme to make the atmosphere pleasant by decreasing the warm temperature. Roads leading to the Manghopir Resort will be constructed and repaired while space for car parking for visitors will also be provided. Manghopir Resort


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