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Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Steel Mills case By Ayesha Siddiqa, Strategic miscalculations By Cyril Almeida

SO, the media has now become a tool for better governance. At least this is the impression one gets from the prime minister’s recent sacking of the Pakistan Steel Mills’ (PSM) chairman for his alleged corruption and making the concern lose Rs21bn. The Steel Mills case By Ayesha Siddiqa

Would that not be the ultimate two-front nightmare come true, the very nightmare that contributed partly to us vying to be the predominant outside influence in Afghanistan? To be sure, the Americans will not create an army that could be a match for our conventional forces, but what’s to stop a future Afghan government from building its army’s conventional strength with help from other eager countries? Where will that leave us? Checkmated? Perhaps not, but at the very least our security policymakers will be patting themselves on the back less and holding their heads more. Strategic miscalculations By Cyril Almeida


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