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Friday, September 11, 2009

sign of times

the single lane expanded to two
then four and six laned highways
up the hills, down the meadows
weaving a web across towns
with their main streets
mcdonalds and walmarts

like the road signs
I-79, I-68, I-70, 270, 495, I-95
the characters seemed to follow us
at stops and intersections
the same weather lined faces
unwashed, unkempt, grizzly
hiding untold stories
of mirth, joy, sadness - life
some tall, some short
some fat, some thin
gray look in the eyes
like the ominous clouds
bereft of glimmer
holding cardboard sign of times
flashed unpretentiously
at the drivers passing by
without eye contact
'willing to work
for food or money.'


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