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Friday, September 04, 2009

The Saudi Connection, River of fire By Ayesha Siddiqa, Ayaz Amir, tracing the `cell` Shaheen Sehbai

Finally someone has spelled it out clearly and eloquently, though I fear he did not go far enough! The terminal cancer they have spread will consume everyone. Thanks Zafar Hilaly.~~t

But what has outweighed all benefits the Saudi equation has brought has been the export to Pakistan of their creed, that is, Wahabism. This has proved deadly. As interpreted and practised in some madrassas in Pakistan, Wahabism has wrought havoc on Pakistan's social structure, producing an army of bigots who believe that the ultimate simplification of life is murder. They revel in killing and make no distinction between friend and foe when it comes to achieving their purpose. The Saudi Connection - Zafar Hilaly

Ayaz Amir has hit on something valid but has drawn a wrong conlcusion. The distraction is not from attentin to article 6 or Musharraf but from corruption and bad governance - ata earlier on, sugar now, law and order, utter immoral corruption, electricity, individual and provinicial rights, transfer of payements, honour killings...those are some of the issues that are being relegated away from limelight t

Brig Imtiaz’s TV appearances — after years of deserved oblivion he is relishing the spotlight — and the renewed focus on the ISI’s 1990 payments have completely distracted attention from other things. Musharraf’s trial under Article 6 of the constitution and the question of repealing the 17th Amendment have receded into the background. If there is a department of dirty tricks behind the spectacle the nation is being treated to, its leading lights would be laughing up their sleeves, because the extent of the distraction must surpass all expectations. Ayaz Amir

Equally quick were those in Pakistan whose commentary was that Singh’s fate depicted Indian imperialism and intolerance. One would like to remind such people of two other books that received similar treatment. The first one, which is closer to Jaswant Singh’s book, is Ayesha Jalal’s The Sole Spokesman about Jinnah and partition. This book had generated controversy. I distinctly remember angry reactions from some who thought Jalal had committed sacrilege by arguing that Jinnah did not have a grand plan for the partition of India. Ayesha Jalal was luckier than the great Urdu novelist and short-story writer Qurratulain Hyder. The reaction to her novel Aag ka Darya from certain rightwing quarters was severe. Pro-establishment intellectuals were upset that her novel did not take a position for the Muslims. Her narrative included the lives of both Hindu and Muslim characters — the way they lived, their sociology and politics — who were not very different from one another. For the rightwingers, it was atrocious for Qurratulain Hyder not to have described the Muslims as the ultimate victims. River of fire
By Ayesha Siddiqa

In The return of the Daylight Jackals, Shaheen Sehbai connects the dots...Brig. Imtiaz with Family friend Nadra`s Ali Hashmi with family friend of Faiyal Talpur, Zardari`s sister. This is the disinformation `cell` Zia League`s leaders are crying about.--t


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