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Monday, September 21, 2009

Red replaces white in Pakistan's flag

Chris is right on more than one count. He laments the lost of battle and wonders aloud that the white in Pakistan's Flag (representing minorities) would be replaced by red. He is writing about the plight of the minorities. But if you consider the increasingly cavalier way Muslims are killing Muslims (in the name of the same Allah) then the colour should already be red ~`~t

Those of you who read this column weekly may be surprised at my uncharacteristic
negativity – I usually manage to find a light at the end of even the darkest tunnel. But not this one. I have seen the drift towards the abyss over the 16 years I have been in and around Pakistan. Seen it in the curriculum, heard it in the chai khana, and been blasted with it from the mosques. The liberal bubble that I move and live in throws up its collective hands in horror, but beyond having an intellectual debate about the origins of The Beast coming down the road – does little. It does little because at heart it knows a battle lost when it sees one and the coming years are going to see the white fade from our flag, to be replaced with blood-red. Chris Cork

Rubina Saigol in a sense concurs with Chris. May the General Zi(n)a rot in hell for his dastardly deeds that has led this nation to the brink. ~~t


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