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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Prof Yehuda Hiss: The Missing Link In Palestinian Organ Theft?Crisis And Hope: Theirs And Ours, Anjum NIaz, Ijaz Hussain

Prof Yehuda Hiss: The Missing Link In Palestinian Organ Theft? By Jonathan Cook
The hyperventilating by Israels leaders over a story published in a Swedish newspaper last month suggesting that the Israeli army assisted in organ theft from Palestinians has distracted attention from the disturbing allegations made by Palestinian families that were the basis of the articles central claim

Crisis And Hope: Theirs And Ours By Noam Chomsky
Of all of the crises that afflict us, the growing democratic deficit may be the most severe. Unless it is reversed, Roys forecast may prove accurate. The conversion of democracy to a performance with the public as mere spectators hardly a distant possibility might have truly dire consequences

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has received yet one more petition praying for justice. The ancient mariner says he was "Illegally" retired from the navy and made to flee the country. The crash of a navy aircraft was the albatross tied around Commodore (retired) Muhammad Anwar. A decade has gone by, but the albatross still hangs around his neck. His case is an open book - literally. The story of betrayal, conspiracy and treachery jumps out from every page of his book Stolen Stripes and Broken Medals published in London in 2006. Anwar, 61, has named everyone who made him "suffer." The list is hair-raising; the allegations libellous; the charges defamatory, the indictment damning. Cry of the ancient mariner

These developments unnerved the PMLN so much that its information secretary, pointing accusing fingers towards the Presidency, issued an ultimatum of 48 hours to the latter to stop the “smear campaign” against Nawaz Sharif, failing which he threatened a befitting reply.Defying the PMLN threat, the presidential spokesperson showed readiness to face any challenge. Better sense however prevailed and the political temperature came down following the telephone call by the prime minister to Shahbaz Sharif and withdrawal of the ultimatum by the PMLN chief. ANALYSIS: Brigadier Imtiaz’s ‘revelations’ —Ijaz Hussain


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