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Monday, September 14, 2009

The dancing boys of Afghanistan, Pelosi, A Bully For You

The practice of taking young boys to perform as dancers at private parties is known as bacha bazi (literally, "boy for play") and is an Afghan tradition with very deep roots. Under Taliban rule, it was banned, but it has crept back and is now widespread, flourishing also in the cities, including the capital, Kabul, and a common feature of weddings, especially in the north. The bacha dancers are often abused children whose families have rejected them. Their "owners" or "masters" can be single or married men, who keep them in a form of sexual slavery, as concubines. The bachas are usually released at the age of 19, when they can get married and reclaim their status as "male", though the stigma of having lived as a bacha is hard to overcome. The Afghan authorities and human rights groups are aware of the plight of bacha boys, but seem powerless to stop it. The dancing boys of Afghanistan [thanks MAC]

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the first time yesterday suggested she may be backing off her support of the public option. According to CNN, Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid "said they would support any provision that increases competition and accessibility for health insurance - whether or not it is the public option favored by most Democrats." When "asked if inclusion of a public option was a non-negotiable demand - as her previous statements had indicated Pelosi ruled out any non-negotiable positions," according to CNN. Hours After Pelosi Backs off on Public Option, Health Lobbyist Announces Fundraiser in Her Honor
Posted by David Sirota, Open Left

A General And A Labyrinth

•Organises mehfils or singing soirees at his flat on Hyde Park Crescent. Visiting Pakistani singers perform there.
•Buys music at Ilford suburb, shops otherwise at Selfridges
•Plays a weekly game of bridge with his friend Brig (retd) Niazi Ahmed.
•Went for a 10-day cruise.
•Attends seminars, lambasts those who point fingers at him. Participated in a meeting at the British Parliament with thugs in tow. Ended in a fracas.
•Attended a function organised by Khalistanis to celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day.
•For the next three months, likely to be in Saudi Arabia. In December, it’s off to the US on a lecture tour.

[thanks MAC]


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