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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nawwab & I: Tu Jo Nahin Hay

Michael Jackson's siblings, from left, Janet, Randy, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon, prepare to say a final goodbye to their brother. (The Jackson Family / Harrison Funk / Associated Press / September 3, 2009)

t: Tu jo nahiN hay tou kuch bhee nahiN hay...
N: S B John.
t: Such pathos.
N: The other day you looked up the Ladies of Calcutta.
t: Somebody mentioned Kal Khan nee Bill Forbes.
N: You are hunting for something?
t: I am looking for triggers. What triggers memory?
N: It is good.
t: What is good?
N: To retrieve things keeps your brain wires active.
t: S B John would be remembered for that one song.
N: Arundati Roy would be remembered for God of Small Things.
t: What a leap Nawwab, She is alive and well.
N: Yes, and until she proves otherwise she would remain a one trick pony.
t: Desani?
N: He wrote other stuff. His writings got lost.
t: Suraiyya Multanikar: BaRay bay murawwat ho tum
N: Goodness Gracious Me
t: Are you smirking?
N: Dogs do not smile, laugh or smirk, you should know.
t: Right, you bark.
N: Woof woof!
t: I am sorry.
N: The other three words
t: I love you?
N: Cliches aside, the kis formula.
t: Keep it simple?
N: You, mentioned Suraiyya Multanikar
T: Here:

N: So who will be the third?
t: Third? hmmmm WTF.
N: You mean WTD - what the duck?
t: I can't find her video - paraishaaan raat tou sari hay sitaro tum tou so jao.
N: Since good things comes in threes I am sure you will come up with something.
t: Ulfat ki nai manzil ko chala.
N: Keep searching, you will find what you are looking for.
t: Achcha, I took your advice, and found this clip.

N: Now you will listen to them a few times and then perhaps write a poem.
t: Am not sure about the writing part, perhaps if the muse strikes.
N: In their teens many write poems. You never gave it up.
t: Hmmmm, are you saying I never grew up?
N: I was giving you a compliment but that is another way of looking at it.
t: Not growing up has its rewards. Look at all the uptight, sad people around.
N They buried MJ today.
t: September 3.
N: September 3.
t: He never grew up.
N: The child him was nurtured.
t: When the twinkle goes, so goes life.
N: Please! Practice your art on others.
t: Others do not talk.
N: Not good enough reason. Other do not bark, I do not complain.
t: Woof woof.
N: We are the world


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