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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nawwab and I: September 11

t: Today is September 11 Nawwab.
N: New Years day in the Coptic Calendar?
t: Same in the Ethiopian Calendar.
N: 1885, Jinnah's birthday.
t: That is not what I had in mind.
N: September 11, 1973?
t: Hmmmm...Dr Salvadore Allende?
N: Yes, democracy should suit US agenda. Or be warned.
t: Did not have in mind the overthrow of a democratically elected government by the US military.
N: US marines invade Honduras in 1919?
t: They did? Achcha.
N: Battle of Stirling, 1297?
t: The English defeat at the hands of the Scottish? No.
N:Founding of the World Wildlife Fund, 1961?
t: No.
N: Battle of Malplaquet?
t: Never heard of it?
N: I forgot you were not good in history
t: I know your date of birth.
N: That is not history, it is a fact.
t: Chalo theek hay, but no, not that battle also.
N: The date in 1982 when the International Forces left Beirut?
t:.. paving the way for massacre at Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps? No.
N: Love Me Do
t: In 1962 at the Abbey Road Studios? They also recorded another single that day P S I love You. No.
N: Battle of Lake Champlain in the War of 1812.
t: American fleet's victory over the British? No.
N: Pentagon groundbreaking in 1941?
t: Interesting, I did not know, but no.
N:The day Nikita Khruschev died in 1971?
t: No
N: Then I don't know what else happened today
t: Try Nawwab, don;t give up so easily.
N: Hmmm..some more names?
t: ....possibly
N: Hmmmm...Bernard Mascrenhas?
t: Another possibility, but no.
N: I forget you love words
t: (smile)
N: It must be this day in 1906 when MG coined Sathyagraha.


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