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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Muslims in America, Naomi Klein, Pepe Escobar, Polls Fate

Muslims in America: Identity and isolation
An early morning flight to D.C., day-long conference and empty cityscape drained me of energy. Exhausted, I stepped out of my nondescript hotel into the street and felt a heavy air pregnant with moisture. Heading down the sidewalk to find dinner, I came across the shadow of a man who had the unmistakable gait of a beggar. The homeless in D.C. were different from the homeless back home in New York City, where amid a shifting and seamless mass of indifferent women and men they are frequently seated — if cold concrete can be called a seat — with despair dampening their eyes and quarters rattling in their cups. Here, the homeless seemed to move with the crowd but were not of the crowd. They zigzagged aimlessly, hands often outstretched — and equally often, empty — amid professionals in pressed suits who strode by with confidence and turned at square angles.

Naomi Klein Shows You Can Boycott Israel Without Cutting Off Dialogue Over Palestine By Cecilie Surasky, AlterNet
An interview with Klein and Israeli publisher Yael Lerer on why boycotting Israel will pressure the country to live up to international law.

7 Common Cosmetics Ingredients You Should Avoid By Jasmin Malik Chua, TreeHugger
Parabens aren't the only nasty no-no to avoid. Here's a list of toxic ingredients that regularly hitch a ride on cosmetics and skincare products.

THE ROVING EYE : US 'arc of instability' just gets bigger
In 2007, a former US ambassador to Colombia was sent to Afghanistan to implement a counter-insurgency disguised as a war on drugs. It makes some sense: Afghanistan is to opium what Colombia is to cocaine. And inevitably that's where the North Atlantic Treaty Organization comes in. The only part of the world where NATO is still not active is ... South America. The New Great Game will soon stretch from AfPak to Mexico. - Pepe Escobar

Poll's fate hangs on a probe
The contest for Afghanistan's next president is far from over. While most polling stations have yet to announce results, fraud complaints keep rolling in. If the more serious of the allegations now under investigation turn out to be true, the outcome - and whether or not a runoff vote is needed - will be severely affected. - Lal Aqa Sherin (Sep 2, '09)


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