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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mobilize Troops Obama, Hugo Chávez calls Israel’s Gaza war ‘genocide’

The first day of President Obama's Administration, he made a promise to his former campaign staff at a party honoring their work:"I promise you if everybody in this hall is willing to keep doing what you guys did over the last two years, then I am optimistic about America. I may make some mistakes, but you'll set me right," he said.Over 400 former staffers have answered the call of the President to "set him right" demanding a strong public option.In the past few days, these staffers, along with 24,000 volunteers and 39,000 donors from across the country, have added their names to the petition at I've even talked with several current White House staffers disappointed in the President who said they would love to sign but feared losing their jobs. It has become clear in my dozens of conversations with former Obama staffers and volunteers that the President's supporters have lost the desire to fight for the President if he drops the public option. They are beginning to lose hope. In NYT, 400 Former Obama Staffers Say: Don't Demobilize the Troops Before the Battle With the Insurance Industry

“The question is not whether the Israelis want to exterminate the Palestinians. They’re doing it openly,” Mr. Chávez said in an interview, published on Wednesday, with the French daily Le Figaro. “What was it if not genocide?” he asked, referring to Israel’s 22-day war against the Hamas militant group in Gaza in January. “The Israelis were looking for an excuse to exterminate the Palestinians.”
While stopping off in Syria as part of what he called his 11-day “evil axis” tour to countries that have frosty relations with the US, he called upon Israelis to disobey their “genocidal” government.
“The state of Israel has become a murderous lackey at the service of imperialism,” Chavez said. “It’s a genocidal government. I condemn that Zionist government that persecutes the heroic Palestinian people.” Hugo Chávez calls Israel’s Gaza war ‘genocide’


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