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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Meet Pakistan’s Oldest Blogger - Jane Perlez

PESHAWAR, Pakistan – From his study here, 85-year-old Arbab Hidayatullah, former police chief, former intelligence officer, and now writer, dispatches some of the most scathing, pithy assessments of what is going on in Pakistan. For those fortunate to be on his e-mail list, Mr. Hidayatullah describes Pakistan’s politicians and military leaders in stark terms rarely found elsewhere, giving special emphasis to what he sees as a historically lenient attitude toward the Taliban and other militants. He is fearless in his judgments. Here is a taste, from a missive in June sent after the Taliban kidnapped several hundred cadets from a military college. “I would suggest that we hang every policy maker of the day from the nearest trees.” Meet Pakistan’s Oldest Blogger - Jane Perlez


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