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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mahmud Khan Achakzai, Is Democracy Melting? India's Waziristan, Russia will backtrack,

(In Urdu) Mahmud Khan Achakzai is not only an astute observer of politics but it is a pleasure to listen to his no-holds-barred and fearless articluation.

Is Democracy Melting? - By Arundhati Roy - While we're still arguing about whether theres life after death, can we add another question to the cart? Is there life after democracy? What sort of life will it be? By democracy I dont mean democracy as an ideal or an aspiration. I mean the working model: Western liberal democracy, and its variants, such as they are. So, is there life after democracy?

India plans all-out attack on Maoists - New Delhi is putting the finishing touches on a huge offensive aimed at the long-running Naxalite insurgency in India's east, with tens of thousands of troops preparing for a coordinated assault with the air force and elite ground units. The Naxalites, with their stranglehold on the country's critical coal industry, are often described as India's gravest internal threat. - Siddharth Srivastava

Medvedev jumps the gun on Iran - Amid the fuss over revelations of a "secret" Iranian nuclear enrichment facility, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has veered sharply to the side of those seeking tougher action against Tehran. He may well have been premature, and Moscow will now have some dexterous backtracking to do. - M K Bhadrakumar

Muslim craftsmen transcend religious barriers - Sharafat Ali from Mathura said they have been making the statues for the past many years as it is a source of livelihood.

..Netanyahu has won, and in a big way. Not only did he survive, not only has he shown that he is no “sucker” (a word he uses all the time), he has proven to his people — and to the public at large — that there is nothing to fear: Obama is nothing but a paper tiger. The settlements can go on expanding without hindrance. Any negotiations that start, if they start at all, can go on until the coming of the Messiah. Nothing will come out of them. Uri Avnery


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