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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Islam in China, Kamla with Asif Mandvi, Bill Clinton, Islamophobia

Since my three years in China, I have had the opportunity to travel to and stay in other countries with large Muslim populations: Morocco and Turkey. I’ve also befriended and gotten to know Muslims here in Madison. Now when I think of Islam in general, I have to think of all of those experiences and remember all of the extremely tolerant and hospitable people I’ve met. The lesson that I’ve taken away from this is that the world’s Muslim population is incredibly diverse, and it is very difficult if not totally inappropriate, to generalize about them in any negative way. Islam in China

Actor and comedian Aasif Mandvi has done it all: one-act plays, Hollywood films and Emmy award winning TV shows. In this interview we cover a wide range of topics including how Aasif got his break in Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, his new movie project, the 2008 Mumbai blasts and Bollywood. Aasif was born in Mumbai, grew up in the UK and USA. His family relocated from Bedford, UK to Florida, US when Aasif was a teenager. He studied theater and acting and moved to New York, which is where he is based. This interview was recorded in early 2009.
In Conversation With Aasif Mandvi

Bill Clinton Affirms To NBC That "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" Is Attacking Obama By Array -
90's Movement Still Around, "Virulent as Ever" Says Former President

Islamophobia: A new phase of conflict in the UK - It’s been more than ten years since the most substantial definition of Islamophobia was formed in the UK by the Runnymede Trust (PDF), an independent policy research organisation, though there still remains a lack of clear meaning, interpretation and ownership of the term from both the British authorities and British Muslim bodies. There are even those who are skeptical of its mere existence and perpetuate the Islamophobia myth. But whatever term is used, the anecdotal evidence for an irrational fear of Islam and Muslims as a group is still evident. The UK is now in the midst of an increasingly common and confrontational set of protests that are anti-Muslim. The newly formed English Defence League (EDL), though small, is the group instigating many of these growing protests.


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