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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fasi Zaka, Roedad Khan, Iraqi shoe-thrower offered cars, homes and a bride

Fasi Zaka writes: "So, the politicians need to get a grip, otherwise they will play into the hands of anti-democrats. Embrace their faults, what they did wrong rather than denying mercilessly." Embracing their faults? How? Merely saying sorry will cut no dice. Restitution for the plundered wealth, and time in jail to write memoirs should be mandatory.

Roedad Khan, he of fickle memory, specially from his days of servitude, writes: "History will doubtless charge General Musharraf with a number of sins of omission and commission and its judgment will be harsh." Wonder why history should single out Musharraf alone? Why should not history single out every dictator and their apparatchiks and lynch pins for their sins of omission and commission? Koi batla'aye ya hum batla'ayain kiya?

Iraqi shoe-thrower offered cars, homes and a bride
London, Sept. 9: The Iraqi journalist, who shot to instant fame for throwing his shoes at George W. Bush, has been inundated with offers of cars, homes, money and even a wife in the run up to his release from prison, a media report said. "This is your farewell kiss, you dog. This is for the widows and orphans of Iraq," Muntazer al-Zaidi had said while throwing a pair of shoes at the then US President Bush during a press conference in Baghdad last December.

Why has no one in Pakistan thrown a single chappal at any politician?


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