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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cry anti-semitism and win, Media watch,

PARIS — In a fifth and final round of voting, a Bulgarian diplomat narrowly defeated Egypt’s culture minister for the leadership post at Unesco on Tuesday night, ending a bitterly fought contest during which critics of the Egyptian candidate accused him of anti-Semitism and censorship. Cry anti-semitism and win

Newt Gingrich, Staunch Opponent of Biligualism, Launches Bilingual Web Site By Array - After a career of bashing all things bilingual, the former speaker of the house has launched a news web site for Hispanic people.

COMMENT : Obamacare and the $13 rule - In the capitalist haven of Hong Kong, anybody who can scrape together the equivalent of US$13 receives timely and usually first-rate health care in an emergency ward. By contrast, hospitals in the United States are turning away the sick, the injured and the dying. - Kent Ewing

New Pew Poll on Afghanistan Shows Dwindling Support for the War By Array - Even though more than three-quarters of Americans consider the Taliban a threat, an increasing number want Obama to start withdrawing troops.

INTERVIEW : 'Now, we don't cry anymore' - During his time as Afghanistan's deputy security chief from 2006 to 2008, Lieutenant General Abdul Hadi Khalid specialized in border policing and internal security, and oversaw the largest drug seizure in history. Still a leading thinker on ethno-politics and crime, he explains why the United States must "Afghanize" the war, and why Uzbekistan is the most important nation in Central Asia. - Derek Henry Flood (Sep 22, '09)

Media Watch

Editor abducted by Yemen forces over reports on airstrikes against civilians
Turkish investigators wiretapped prominent daily without court consent
Iran still persecuting journalists employed by foreign media
Four journalists released under Myanmar junta’s amnesty
Peru maintains ban on Amazonian radio station silenced since June
Eritrea: World’s biggest prison for journalists since September 2001 round-ups
Nigerian journalist shot dead after opening door to killers
Philippines court grants trial venue change in Esperat case
Russian journalist faces forgery charges in Georgia
Kazakh authorities seize embattled weekly’s print run
Iraq shoe-throwing journalist flies off to Greece for medical treatment


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