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Saturday, September 12, 2009

The crisis of an Islamic Republic, Chomsky, 14 Things You Need to Know About Obama Heckler, Rep. Joe Wilson,

For all the terror that the Islamic Republic has perpetrated upon Islam and Muslims, the heart of Islam beats happily and resoundingly, sound and safe, where it has always been, in the best of our poetry, in our literature, in the solitude of our dis/belief -- with one line of Sadi we can rebuild our humanity, with one ghazal of Hafez we will learn how to love anew, and in the aromatic pages of Rumi we will look for God again, just before we turn to our sagacious Khayyam and play hide and seek with Him. The crisis of an Islamic Republic Hamid Dabashi

15 Must-Read Books That Will Forever Change How You See the World By Sarah Irani
Here are my top picks for ecological and sustainable reading.

Chomsky: What America's 'Crisis' Means to the Rest of the World By Noam Chomsky
The way we perceive "crises" here in the U.S. is a profound symbol of how we don't understand them internationally.

Remember 9/11, But Don't Forget Guantanamo By Andy Worthington
In Guantánamo, 225 men remain imprisoned, most of them never charged, ostensibly for some connection with these attacks.

Obama's Quagmire Looks a Lot like Vietnam By Robert Scheer
The way he's headed on Afghanistan, Barack Obama is threatened with a quagmire that could bog down his presidency.

14 Things You Need to Know About Obama Heckler, Rep. Joe Wilson By Adele M. Stan
He was mentored by notorious racist Strom Thurmond, he's taken hundreds of thousands from the health industry, and "Joe" isn't even his real name.

Why Is Jane Fonda Being Accused Of An "Attack On The Heart and Soul Of Israel"? By Ira Chernus
Artists protesting the Toronto International Film Festival's commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Tel Aviv are being demonized.

Muslims in America: More Americans empathizing with Muslims In Parvez Ahmed
Eight years after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the latest survey from the Pew Research Center for People and the Press shows an unmistakable trend of Americans slowly but surely beginning to appreciate the challenges and aspirations of its fellow Muslim citizenry. Perhaps this trend is a result of nearly half of Americans saying that they personally know someone who is a Muslim. The fact that so many Americans profess knowing a Muslim is surprising given the fact that American Muslims makeup fewer than 2 percent of the overall U.S. population. The latest Pew poll shows the percentage of Americans who view Islam to be a violent religion is at its lowest level in recent years although not lower than the 25 percent mark recorded in the first Pew poll on this subject shortly after the terrorist attacks on 9-11. The biggest change in attitude came among surprisingly conservative Republicans, a 13 point decrease in the view that Islam is violent.


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