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Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Bill O'Reilly Speech Bill O'Reilly Didn't Want You To Hear, Masood Hasan, Farrukh Saleem,

The Bill O'Reilly Speech Bill O'Reilly Didn't Want You To Hear By Array -At the Values Voter Summit last night, Bill O'Reilly locked the media out of his appearance before the religious right. Here's what he didn't want you to hear.

Sad but so true ~ t ...For the performing arts, literature, travel and indeed food, we have no patience but are ready to indulge all our senses in the most vulgar and crass displays of what is called 'performing arts' or that ultimate class leveler of all classes, food particularly in public places where perfectly reasonable people become savages and attack the tables that would put a pride of lions that had not eaten for two months, to shame. I cannot recall the last time I met of an evening with someone who wanted to talk about a book or wished to listen to a classical piece of music, western or eastern. What reigns instead is the plastic, tinsel-lined, cheap and tacky business of living as practiced by thousands upon thousands of Pakistanis. And above everything else there are the great burning issues – politics, religion and speculation. Masood Hasan

MOre sad but so true ~ t....Pakistan has three sugar grand-daddies. They are: Pakistan Sugar Mills Association (PSMA), Pakistan Banks' Association (PBA) and All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association (APCMA). Our three sugar grand-daddies have, over time, hatched and bred 149 individual sugar daddies. The PSMA now has a litter of 80 little bambinos, the PBA has 48 and the APCMA 21; a total of 149 sugar daddies for 180 million hapless Pakistanis. Remember, sugar daddies -- just like parasites -- cannot live alone, they need a host; a host to suck on and a host to benefit from.The sweetest of all our sugar daddies is our sugar lobby. This crushing season the PSMA is determined to crush 50 million tons of sugarcane first and 180 million sugar consumers later. If a sugar daddy is determined it remains only to act. Knowing full well that not a man, woman or child will come down from consuming at least 25 kilos of sugar this year our sugar daddy stands to net around Rs80 billion. That means each man, woman and child will have to cough out an additional Rs450 so that 80 of our sugar daddies can make their billion each. Talk about transference of wealth -- from 180 million to 80. Farrukh Saleem


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