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Monday, September 28, 2009

Ask Aakar, Enemy Talk

Someone should Aakar why with 490 channels, the Indians do not have access to any Pakistani channels on cable? (And please, the two or three in Jammu and Kashmir that are surreptitiously available do not count) ``T

Today there are 490 channels in India including a staggering 100 news channels, the most in the world. The ministry of information and broadcasting is sitting on another 100 licenses to be given out this year. Perhaps five per cent of these are profitable. The others exist in the hope that a booming economy will pull them up with it. Aaker Patel

Obama can continue either the ‘war on terror’ or take on the resurging Russian bear; can’t fight them both. In effect, the insurgent timeline is much, much longer than Obama’s political timeline. For America, 2010 is election year while the insurgents have all the time in the world. For America, 2010 means 440 new members of the House. For America, 2010 means 34 new members of the Senate. For America, 2010 means 37 new governors. For Obama, 2011 will be campaign year. For Obama, 2012 will be election year. The insurgents have all the time in the world. Pakistan-Afghanistan is the Taliban homeland. American BCTs are mere visitors here. Russia has the potential to challenge American hegemony; the Taliban don’t. America will have to decide: who is America’s enemy number 1? Russians or the Taliban? Enemy Talk


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