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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Amir ul Momineen or Closet Taliban? Mynamar U turn, Roy, Iran, Uzbekistan,

Let me declare at the outset that I am befuddled at what might be Kamran Shafi's goat or grouse at Musharraf calling Nawaz of Zia League a 'closet' taliban. Unless it is another Nawaz, may I google Kamran's memory? Nawaz did put through machinations in motion to be declared the Amir ul Momineen. Thank Allah for small mercies. Sharif's ouster saved us from that.

It is to be noted too, that Musharraf’s present foray into Pakistani politics in which he has also gone to the extent of calling Nawaz Sharif a ‘closet Taliban’, is aimed at turning the West away from a popular political leader. Kamran Shafi

US takes a radical turn on Myanmar -The announcement that the United States intends to engage with Myanmar's generals is a stunning change of tack towards the "outpost of tyranny". Critics question the sense of dialogue with a reportedly rights-abusing narco-state, but the US State Department says it was the generals who sought the contact. - Brian McCartan

Obama looks escalation in the eye
President Barack Obama faces a fateful choice over a Pentagon request for an additional 40,000 American troops for the war in Afghanistan - an increase of nearly 60%. Much like a turning point in the Vietnam War in 1965, the decision will be shaped by fears in the military and the White House of being blamed for defeat. - Gareth Porter

A MANUFACTURED CRISIS, Part 1 : The facts of the matter -Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad has shrugged off the fuss over Iran's construction of a second uranium-enrichment plant, saying the United States and other countries are acting in bad faith just before talks on Tehran's nuclear program. "We have done nothing wrong," Ahmadinejad said. - Jack A Smith (Sep 29, '09) This is the first article in a three-part report.

A new cold war in Kashmir - The Kashmir dispute ranks with Palestine as one of the oldest, most intractable disputes in the world. That does not mean that it cannot be resolved. Only that the solution will not be completely to the satisfaction of any one party, one country, or one ideology. Negotiators will have to be prepared to deviate from the "party line". - Arundhati Roy

Uzbek traders face demolition blitz - Shopkeepers across Uzbekistan are coming to dread a visit to their cities, such as Samarkand and Namangan, by President Islam Karimov, as his concern for appearances is leaving in his wake widespread demolition of their stores.


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