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Sunday, August 09, 2009

When God Cries, BM, Ramzy Baroud, jeff Gates, One State, Two States - Book Review

When God Cries - A Poem By Rassool Jibraeel Snyman

I heard a tear fall
Somewhere in the universe
I was saddened
For no one listened
No one cared
The child cried alone
In Gaza
The dogs of war
Are pitiless
Devouring all with savagery
And mindless abandon
Jerusalem in her left hand
Bethlehem in her right
A bullet hole in her chest
I heard a tear fall
Somewhere in the universe
Was that god crying.

Earlier this summer, the Taliban released a DVD that suggested Baitullah Mehsud was losing his mojo. Unlike other propaganda videos, which show Taliban cadres conducting real ambushes in Afghanistan or firing rockets in the heavily forested hills along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, this one made me think that the Bad News Bears had landed in South Waziristan. A couple dozen guys jogged in circles, ran through some military drills, and fired their Kalashnikovs into the dirt, before forming a circle and dancing a traditional Pashtun jig. Compared with the rest of the Pakistani Taliban, Baitullah Mehsud was an easy target.

When seen from a distance, kites in Gaza may look quite ordinary. But while Gazan children, in many respects, are just children, their kites are hardly ordinary. Often adorned by the red, black, green and white of the Palestinian flag, Gazan children’s kites are expressions of defiance, hope and the longing for freedom. Gaza's Kite Runners Ramzy Baroud

During the 1960 Christmas season, Americans flocked to the theaters to see Exodus, a 3-1/2 hour epic featuring romance, handsome freedom fighters and the triumph of Jewish destiny over Arab evil—all set against a Yuletide backdrop of Biblical prophecy as heroic Jews returned to their promised land. Many moviegoers failed to realize that Exodus was not fact but fiction adapted from a 1958 Leon Uris novel, the biggest bestseller since Gone with the Wind. Directed by Otto Preminger and starring a young Paul Newman and Eva Marie Saint, the film featured Lee J. Cobb, Rat Pack member Peter Lawford and Italian crooner Sal Mineo, a teen heartthrob who received an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of a Jewish émigré. Then as now, Americans are easily swayed by sympathetic portrayals of an extremist enclave granted nation-state recognition by Harry Truman. A Christian-Zionist who had famously read the Bible cover-to-cover five times by age 15, Truman was a True Believer in the prophecy that the Messiah could not return until the Israelites returned to their ancestral home. American Intifada: Shaking Off Six Decades of Deceit By Jeff Gates

One State, Two States - Book Review

Beyond Chutzpah - Book Review

2009 Rachel Corrie Ramadan Soccer Tournament, Gaza

NGO's Accuse IDF Soldiers of War Crimes

Lawyers bet up journalists once again in Lahore

Police arrest BBC undercover reporter who exposed failings into care of elderly in Scotland

Beatings still method preferred by local officials for silencing journalists in Turkey

Iran shuts down office of journalists association as Ahmadinejad starts his second term

Gambian court sentences six journalists to two years in prison for sedition and criminal defamation


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