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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Talibans rooting for Karzai's defeat, A fog swirls in the Hindu Kush, Modified Dei Yassin?

From 2006, Taliban attacks have become increasingly strategic, but this year they showed an even greater level of maturity. Former Chinese leader Mao Zedong laid down the rules of modern guerrilla warfare during the Chinese civil war in the mid-20th century. "When the enemy advances, withdraw; when he stops, harass; when he tires, strike; when he retreats, pursue." The Taliban are following this advice closely. This year the United States deployed an additional force of 4,000 troops in Helmand province, but the Taliban refused to engage in direct combat and melted into the population. When British and US soldiers went in search of them, they became sitting targets. Taliban rooting for Karzai's defeat

As the Pentagon prepares to expand its Afghan mission well beyond the Barack Obama administration's early focus, President Hamid Karzai's re-election bid presents it with an uncomfortable challenge. The United States needs an Afghan leader in step with its overarching goal of an extended stay in Central Asia - not one working against it. A fog swirls in the Hindu Kush

Abdullah Abdullah, former foreign minister, ex-Northern Alliance spokesman and once an eye surgeon, has emerged as President Hamid Karzai's only substantial challenger. Asia Times Online accompanied Abdullah on his campaign deep into remote provinces in a bid to undercut Karzai where it counts. "I am with the people," Abdullah says, but can he beat the Karzai machine? - Derek Henry Flood Chopping it up with Karzai's challenger

Spengler/David Goldman here argues a modified Deir Yassin approach for a Palestinian "final solution." Too clever by half. What Israel could not achieve with apartheid and ghettoisation and force, and blockade and deprivation he hopes can be achieved by insidious logic.

Fox News: News For White People By Ellen on Racial Issues

World" href="" target=_blank>Americas: Canada: Court Orders Government to Seek Guantánamo Detainee

US Turns Blind Eye to Israel's New Separation Policy By Jonathan Cook - Jerusalem

While politicians in Jerusalem squabble with the Americans over halting the construction of new settlements in the West Bank, the settlers themselves are quietly proceeding with construction in a bid to create a fait accompli on the ground. The radical young generation is even digging caves as outposts. Creeping Construction Boom: Jewish Settlements Threaten Viability of Palestinian State

Israel Begins Sell-off of Refugees' Land By Jonathan Cook - Tzipori

Harvard professor Joseph Nye talks to SPIEGEL about America's role in the world, the change of strategy under US President Barack Obama and how his concept of soft power can be used to solve tough conflicts Harvard Professor Joseph Nye on Hard and Soft Power: 'It Is Pointless to Talk to Al-Qaida'

Zeroing in on Israel's Existential Threats By Franklin Lamb – Beirut

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