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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Proud of being Pakistani?

I am often sent emails by readers claiming to be ‘proud Pakistanis’. How can one be proud to be a Pakistani when incidents like the one at Gojra occur with such sickening regularity? Recently, several houses belonging to Christians were torched in Kasur. I have little doubt that soon another tragedy involving one minority community or another will play itself out on the national stage. Politicians will wring their hands, some official will be made the scapegoat, and so on till the next tragedy. Ever since the blasphemy laws were imposed on Pakistan by Gen Zia nearly three decades ago, our country has become an increasingly dangerous place for non-Muslims. Hundreds of cases have been registered against hapless Christians and Hindus. Ahmadis have not only been declared non-Muslims, they have been actively persecuted for their beliefs. If Muslims in the West were treated as we treat non-Muslim citizens of Pakistan, there would be loud accusations of Islamophobia and anti-Muslim discrimination. And despite this widespread and rampant discrimination against our minorities, we have the gall to lecture the world about our peaceful values. Proud of being Pakistani?

The sense of who we are as a nation is defined more by religious affiliations: Nosheen Abbas. Flames of hate

Faris KasimWhat happened in Gojra was not the work of a foreign-funded militant group but the result of our own propagation of religious chauvinism, intolerance and glorification of militancy in the past three decades as part of state policy and school curriculum. The lynching of Hameed Masih

What would it mean for Zardari today, if the NRO is scrapped, asks Cyril Almeida. Zardari and the NRO

White House Confirms: Deal With Big Pharma Bars Price Negotiations

Dr Sania NishtarThe fate of the devolution initiative is likely to be decided by the end of this year, regardless of the presidential sanction to the provincial draft proposal -- currently in the pipeline -- given that the Local Government Ordinance will stand omitted from the Sixth Schedule of the constitution, af ... Devolution reform


Blogger Unknown said...

For last lot of year, we in Pakistan have been claiming similar incidences in India, Muslims of India facing similar treatment from the India's strong community, Don't you think Pakistan is been victimized and our national moral and integrity is being put on a question, I believe we as a muslim need to find the people how are creating this mess

August 10, 2009 2:36 AM  
Blogger temporal said...

bringing india is classic deflection!

thanks to the over zealousness of Zina -ul haq days it is easy to accuse any minority of blasphemy and then do away with their women, children, property and lives

this is the well documented reality today

the blame lies within us

not elsewhere

August 10, 2009 11:18 AM  

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