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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Prada to Pravda, Pakistan, Japan on elec. eve., Joint Chiefs Chairman Questions U.S. Message to Muslims

This is an interesting way of interpreting things ~t

As we approach the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the decline of the Soviet Union is being mirrored by a parallel decline of the United States. What passes as reality on the pages and screens of the financial media today is so far removed from ground realities as to suggest a renewed version of the Pravda economy that the Soviet Union tried to build and failed. A "then and now" comparison isn't just stark but also quite scary for anyone with common sense (that excludes today's stock market investors right away). [read on] Prada to PravdaBy Chan Akya [thanks FK]

Investors’ aversion is not without justification. A stock exchange prone to stoppages and feeble public finances – the state has been on a seemingly permanent drip from the International Monetary Fund during the past two decades – are an automatic turn-off. But the markdown still seems severe. Moody’s, with a B3 rating, raised its outlook last week from negative to stable. It recognised better liquidity – the IMF’s second line of credit was increased by 40 per cent to $11.2bn this month – and a tripling of foreign exchange reserves to almost $13bn since October. Inflation has more than halved since last August, to 11 per cent in July. Furthermore, as Moody’s noted, almost a year into the presidency of Asif Ali Zardari, a sociopolitical consensus seems to be firming against religious extremism. Pakistan

Japan's election this weekend pits Prime Minister Taro Aso against Yukio Hatoyama, a battle of blue-bloods replicating a struggle between their grandfathers. Hatoyama's anticipated thumping victory will end the one-party domination of the Liberal Democratic Party. Hatoyama, described as "stubborn, decisive and bold", will need these traits and more to deliver on his promises of change through his mantra of fraternity. - Kosuke Takahashi Japan on the brink of a new era

If Ben Bernanke were really wise - a trait notably absent until discovered this week by a desperate White House - he wouldn't be willing to head up the Federal Reserve for the next four years. He would be out there buying gold while letting some other fool do the job. THE MOGAMBO GURU : Ben 'the wise'

DirecTV Group Inc. is in talks with the TBS and TNT cable networks to offer their shows online, according to two people familiar with the discussions. If a deal is reached, DirecTV subscribers would be able to watch shows from those cable networks on the Internet, the people said on condition of anonymity because the talks still are ongoing. DirecTV, the nation's largest satellite TV operator, previously said it was considering such deals but did not specify the networks.
DirecTV joins a growing list of cable, satellite and phone companies that are offering consumers a "multiscreen" experience: the ability to watch shows on TV, computers and mobile devices like cell phones. DirecTV, TBS, TNT To Put Shows Online

WASHINGTON - The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has written a searing critique of government efforts at "strategic communication" with the Muslim world, saying that no amount of public relations will establish credibility if American behavior overseas is perceived as arrogant, uncaring or insulting. Joint Chiefs Chairman Questions U.S. Message to Muslims


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