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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nawwab: Dot & Buddy

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t: chalo chalo
N: For a walk?
t: It was merely a figure of speech.
N: I recall you teaching your kids words are used to communicate effectively.
t: Why do you always talk like a spouse in a down hill relationship?
N: Always?
t: OK correction, drop always.
N: And what makes you an expert on spousal relationships?
t: I have witnessed many downhill relationships.
N: You drive on the highways frequently. That does not make you an expert highway engineer.
t: You are so right Nawwab. I have this penchant for picking a lane that moves slowly. Always.
N: Always is right here!


t: They are clamouring to bring Musharraf to trial.
N: Dot and Buddy.
t: His Pekinese? What do they have to do with his trial?
N: Woof woof.
t: Sometimes I find it hard to understand you. Are you being partisan?
N: Woof woof.
t: Oh, how convenient! Do you mean he should not be tried because he loved those Pekinese?
N: Prioritize!
t: Oh, you mean prioritize the issues facing Pakistan?
N: Keep talking
t: Talibanisation, lack of law and order, corruption, abuse of power, inflation, shortage of power, water, jobs, disenfranchisement...
N: OK, stop. I did not hear of Musharraf's trial in this list.
t: You cut me short.
N: Yes I did, but I also asked you to prioritize.
t: (sigh) You win.


N: Why don't you call Musharraf?
t: Call Musharraf? I don't have his cell number. Besides, am sure he would not answer my call.
N: Not Pervez, Musharraf Ali Farooqui - you have met him once.
t: Oh him - been thinking to invite him over some day.
N: You should.
t: He must be busy writing.
N: Lazy!
t: I just wanted to call him the other day. Probably that is where you picked this up.

N: Both of you have a lot in common - hail from the same city.
t: I did meet him once way back
N: He loves Urdu and English like you do.
t: He must be busy, mayn't like being disturbed.
N: Excuses, excuses.
t: Tujh se tau kuchh kalaam nahiN lekin ay nadiim


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