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Monday, August 31, 2009

Minus 1,2,3 and counting, A belief in educating all, India’s 1998 nuke ‘fizzle’, PTI demands treason case against Nawaz

Salman Masood writes: Several boggling questions filled the minds: Why would President Zardari resign? Why did there seem to be an effort to force him to resign? Was another military coup in the offing? Or was the military manoeuvring to put new faces in place? Or was the powerful Army Chief, General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani, exerting indirect pressure to ensure an extension of his term? But all answers to such questions remained in the realm of speculation. Why were the ruling party officials crying wolf?

There are three plausible ways Zardari would go. [You'd do well to recall that he is the most powerful president - 58-2B etc etc.]

1: If his conscience tells him to go
2: Kayani 'tells' him to go
3: a bullet tells him to go

Since this is the holy month of Ramadan, I need not remind you of Allah. I did not mention Him specifically because His Will counts above all and is also common to all deeds.

I don't have high hopes on his conscience. It has been dead or dormant for a couple of decades now: so strike out #1

Kayani faces tougher tests, and listens more to Obamamaites than Zaradarites: strike one for # 2.

#3 is tricky and this fate can befell anyone, anytime. A bullet is non gender, non religious, non power equaliser.

Yes, like you am equally befuddled. Istikhara anyone? ~~t

Every morning, Dr Shams Abbasi, 84, arrives in a wheelchair at Aquil's Kids Academy in Qasimabad, a suburb of Hyderabad. She is at hand to personally receive each boy and girl that attends this schoolBy Jan KhaskheliThe daughter of Qazi Abdul Qayuum, 'Apa Abbasi' was born on January 10, 1924. Formerly Director of the Bureau of Curriculum, Dr Abbasi has a long list of degrees in the field of education. She started her career as a secondary school teacher and went on to become the Principal of a government high school - the Zubaida Government College for Women in Hyderabad. This was the only college for women in Sindh at the time. Dr Abbasi eventually went on to become the Director of Education.A belief in educating all

more stories in Kolachi section

Just as Jaswant Singh, a senior Vajpayee aide, risked his expulsion recently from the party by writing to set right the Hindu fundamentalist propaganda against Pakistan’s founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Santhanam too risks being disowned for his confessions about the nuclear fizzle. Why did he have to do it? He has provided a clue by supplementing his disclosure with the assertion that “we should not get railroaded into signing the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. We can’t get into a stampede to sign and should conduct more nuclear tests, which are necessary from the point of view of security.” Obviously, the anti-reforms lobby, with entrenched interests that thrive in the DAE, has made Santhanam its front to maintain the status quo. It is the last-ditch attempt of big-time contractors supplying make-believe imitations for the nuclear facilities after doing deals with unscrupulous officials to sabotage opening up the sector. Civil nuclear cooperation and falling in with responsible nations of the world will end the isolation and expose the real worth of fakes, projected as “brilliant scientists” with numerous breakthroughs to their credit. India’s 1998 nuke ‘fizzle’

Is this a trial baloon by PTI?

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Sindh (PTI) has demanded that a treason case be registered against former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for killing 15,000 people in Karachi in a military operation launched in 1992 in Sindh, especially in Karachi.The demand was made by the provincial PTI leader Ashraf Qureshi, who stated that the disclosure of Brig Imtiaz, ex-Intelligence Bureau (IB) chief, regarding the military operation in Sindh in Nawaz Sharif’s government exposed the actual plan of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader, which he started in 1990 when he was chief minister Punjab. PTI demands treason case against Nawaz


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