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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Exposing Zaid Hamid's sophistry

Kudos to Nadeem F. Paracha for joining the ranks of Hamid Mir, Fasi Zaka, Hasan Nisar and many others! How dare he expose Zahid Hamid?

Also, praise is due to Nadim for maintianing a high moral ground by not examining Mr. Zaid Hamid's dubious credentials, name, and background save that one reference to his association with CIA funded Ahmed Shah Masood.


But I write this piece in response to one email that I received yesterday, from a person who claimed to be in charge of running Hamid’s personal website: ‘I dare you to challenge any of the claims made by Zaid Hamid on the show,’ he asked. Well, there is no daring involved in what I am about to do, only simple common sense.

When Hamid says he is not anti-Hindu, he forgets that he may change the vitriol of his message for some television channels where he thinks he is more susceptible to counterargument, but the messages he has given out in the past remain in people’s minds and in cyberspace. In one of his August 14 specials he clearly labelled Hindus as a paleed nation unfit to govern. If that doesn’t make him anti-Hindu, then what does?

He says he admires the tolerance of Muslim Spain, but it doesn’t seem to have influenced him enough to follow the example. Simply go to Hamid’s website now and check out the article by Yousaf Alamgirian whose blurb says it all: ‘sheds light on the filthy Indian culture in which homosexuality is the ingredient of Hinduism.’

Hamid says that the western media discredits conspiracy theories because it implies it is the torchbearer of truth. But what Hamid fails to mention is that he has no original research of his own. All his work is derivative of the works of Naomi Klein, Noam Chomsky and other western dissidents who expose the hypocrisies in their own countries in a manner which on occasion stretches their argument to incredulous levels. [thanks BS ]


Blogger Prof (Dr) R K Gupta said...

Zaid hamid is a publicity craving cheap idiot ad I think he lives in fanatasies and paranoia.I am damn sure he sees amrican ,isreali and Indian planes bombarding his house in night when asleep.He should be go terated ASAP.
he can also be nominated as joker of pakistan

July 31, 2010 4:39 PM  

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