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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Eric Holder, el Baradei, Gender Equality in Bahrain, Leonard Cohen, 101 Days Of Fox News Idiocracy

Eric Holder's special prosecutor has a narrow mandate to investigate, yet CIA director Panetta threatened to quit over Political Fireworks Over Torture Prosecutor: Threats to Kill Children, CIA Director in a 'Screaming Match,' Progressives Not Satisfied with Holder Plan

WASHINGTON, Aug 25 (IPS) - Western officials leaked stories to the Associated Press and Reuters last week aimed at pressuring the outgoing chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohamed ElBaradei, to include a summary of intelligence alleging that Iran has been actively pursuing work on nuclear weapons in the IAEA report due out this week. POLITICS: ElBaradei Foes Leak Stories to Pressure His Hand on Iran By Analysis by Gareth Porter*

MANAMA, Aug 25 (IPS) - For the first time, feminists in Bahrain are seeking new Islamic perspectives on gender and women's empowerment, and asking for modern interpretations of the Quran. BAHRAIN: Seeking Gender Equality in Quran By Suad Hamada

You are watching a documentary filmed mostly in Montreal during the winter of 1964. A man with thick black hair, wearing a white dress shirt under a leather jacket, steps onto the stage at a lecture hall. He’s there to give a poetry reading, but he opens with . . . Sasha Frere-Jones: Leonard Cohen's return.

Our friends at compiled clips from 101 days of Fox News which, author Jeff Hoard maintains, "are enough to crown Fox News as the official broadcaster for the growing Idiocracy culture." It's not pretty but it's pretty entertaining nonetheless. Check it out! (PS I'm proud to say some of our own News Hounds material was used as sources.)... 101 Days Of Fox News Idiocracy


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