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Friday, August 07, 2009

Ayaz Amir shows the mirror to CJ, Disgracing Islam, Mazhar Abbas wins Missouri Honor Medal..

Those who have killed innocent Christians in Gojra last week and those who attacked and desecrated people, villages and churches in Sahiwal and Kasur must be condemned for their crimes against humanity and denounced for disgracing Islam. The draconian blasphemy law, used as a pretext for such actions, must be immediately repealed by parliament. Disgracing Islam - Harris Khalique

AWARDS: Mazhar Abbas of Pakistan wins Missouri Honor Medal

Israel Seeks Ways to Silence Human Rights Groups

For this of course we must understand the problems of the past. For in 2000, a few months after the mother of all sins, when this matter came before the then Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Irshad Hasan Khan, the nation witnessed another of those electrifying performances which have made “the doctrine of necessity” so famous in our land, the Supreme Court validating Musharraf’s coup and, what’s more, allowing him a grace period of three years to hold elections. In its generosity, it also gave Musharraf the authority to amend the Constitution for purposes of holding elections. So just as the Anwarul Haq Supreme Court gave a clean chit to General Ziaul Haq’s coup of 1977, another Supreme Court signed a papal bull conferring legitimacy on another illegitimate offspring of our political adventures. Now for an inconvenient fact. On the bench headed by Chief Justice Irshad Hasan Khan there sat an up-and-coming jurist, stern of eye and distinguished of look, by the name of Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. Yes, he was among the illustrious upholders of the law and the Constitution who bathed Musharraf and his generals in holy water. Ayaz Amir


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