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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Poetry: climbing jacob's ladder

aaj bazaar maiN paa b'jolaN chalo
nigah buland, giraibaaN chaak chalo

bruised feet in chains, let's walk through the bazaar today
chin up, shirt torn, let's walk through the bazaar today

jo guzri so guzri hum per, chalo
paa b'jolaaN janib e maqtal chalo

what fate ordained upon us, we endured, let's go
bruised feet in chains, proudly to the gallows, let's go

yeh basti khaahishouN ka qabristan
waq't hua hay ab yahaan se chalo

this town that we cherished once has turned a graveyard
time has come to depart for the promised vineyard

baadalouN say yeh seekha insaaN nay
fanaa ho gay agar rukay, chalo

the flock of serenely floating clouds taught mankind
keep moving, stillness will exterminate mankind

woh jo lay jana chahtay haiN peechay
oon dushman e a'ql kay saath na chalo

forcefully, those who want to push you back in time
keep your distance from those foes of reason's crime

* this line is from faiz ahmed faiz


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