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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nawab and I:Knowledge Has Its Limitations, Faith Doesn't.

t: How'd Elvis greet MJ?
N: Same way Hitler greeted Elvis?
t: How?
N: In three words twice - I don't know - doesn't bother me.
t: But you are the Wise One.
N: To play with Bertrand Russell - Knowledge has its limitations, faith doesn't.
t: You sweep the rug under my feet.


t: Point taken Nawab but..
N: But means you have not taken the point!
t: OK. what happens when you are dead.
N: You are not very perceptive today, I told you I don't know. How difficult it is?


t: Sarah Palin?
N: Has been.
t: Has been for the next 4 years?
N: You think I am the wise one!
t: Bobby?
N: Jindal has a slim chance.
t: Obamama?
N: I am not telling?
t: This sudden humility is perplexing. OK Iran?
N: The mullahs are in league with the neoconzix?
t: They are? NYT, Haaretz, Debika - none has covered this angle.
N: Iranis are smart. They have done their homework.
t: hmmmmm. Saudis?
N: Don't waste my time. Go here.
t: what is your score? (link)
N: I would yawn if I could.
t: Alright last question. What is MJ doing right now?
N: Watching reruns.


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