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Friday, July 03, 2009

Nawab and I: Intercourse, Pa.

With towns name Bird in Hand, Paradise, and Intercourse, Lancaster County in Pennsylvania has added attraction for tourism. What attracts people is not the name but the Pennsylvania Dutch. They are descendants of German Amish and Mennonite immigrants here. If you have seen Harrison Ford's Witness (1985) you would have a pretty good idea of how the Amish live.

It is off Route 30 [map link] and just celebrated its 255th Anniversary.

t: We don't have to be in DC till dinner time.
N: Why, you don't want to drop in on Potus?
t: He won't have the time of day for us.
N: You have become critical of him lately.
t: I tell like it is. It is his actions not mine.
N: CJ thinks you never really liked him.
t: I would have preferred a dog over W.
N: Don't insult dogs. Woof woof.
t: Sorry, I meant no insult to dogs. (Damn, should be careful with N too when choosing words.)
N: Fragile egos.
t: We used to call Ulloo stupid, but Owl is wise here.
N: You could continue on 30 then take 15 to 270 later.
t: You don't like Ms. Garmin do you?
N: I know more.
t: Modesty is a human trait, think we agreed on that.
N: So what will you do at Intercourse?
t: Don't know, never been at Intercourse, only....
N: Don't go there, minors may be reading this.

t: Name the three things famous around here.
N: Beer, pretzels and chocolate. Two are out for you.
t: Yes am driving. But why do dogs don't drink?
N: And what about your mullahs?
t: That is a personal choice. But have heard some do.
N: Amish, Mennonite, Hasidim, Mullahs...different feathers.
t: You are so intolerant for a wise one.
N: Stating the obvious is not being intolerant.
t: They pursue their beliefs peacefully.
N: hmmmmmm
t: [Each time Nawab is made to think is a small victory for me.)
N: Condoms!
t: HaiN, yeh condoms kahaaN se tapak paRa?
N: None of the four have use for condoms.
t: hmmmmmm... well it is their belief. Non interference in nature.
N: You do know they are not Dutch?
t: No?
N: Germans, originally.
t: There I learned another thing from you Nawab.
N: You are a miserable liar.
t: Tell me something new. Is Barak in town? Can I bump into him ordering a burger?
N: CJ and AJ have plans for barbecue dinner.
t: They do? Guess can plan bumping into Barak another time.


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