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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Muslims and the Qur'an

Muzaffar Iqbal says 'classical texts' such as Al Qur'an are not intended to be used need guidance. This is the same line that is repeated by the vested clergy in all Muslim nations.

Let us hope I do not tread in blasphemy here, but Al Qur'an is the final message for all Muslims. And it was revealed to Bedouins and average Arabs (not nuclear scientists or doctoral students). How difficult do you think its message could have been to understand?

Be good, be just, look after your parents, neighbours, spouses, other words, be a good corporate citizen.

Why, then are we told that to grasp a simple egalitarian message of the Book, we need "guidance" from vested clergy? Does He not tell us to read, understand and follow? I don't recall reading in the book "Go to your local maulvi to understand this." ~t

Since the Qur'an
remains a fundamental part of the life of Muslims at so many levels of existence, millions of Muslims look for different translations, exegeses, dictionaries, and translations of classical texts on the Qur'an in order to engage with it at a deeper level. These sources are useful to some extent, but since classical texts were not intended to be used without guidance, those readers who lack training in reading these texts are more likely to be confused than enlightened. Muslims and the Quran (Quantum note) Part I Dr Muzaffar Iqbal


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