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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Jawed Naqvi: Racism Over There And Here

What Jawed writes is applicable here also. Just change names and places. We are no less biased ~~t

A marked feudal upbringing of India’s burgeoning middle classes has brought with it a culture of prejudices. The steeper the economic climb, the greater the chances of atavistic social traits tagging along. Add an inbuilt gender bias together with a homegrown intolerance of other Indian cultures into the social basket and you would have an explosive cocktail of violent and unruly assertiveness. Road rage, sexual harassment, even rape, insensitivity towards ethnic minorities and vandalism is a hallmark of a new class of Indians. They have been let loose on the streets of big and small cities to prey on their own fellow compatriots, their pockets bulging with wads of cash, their minds vacuously riveted to other ways of making more money. About racism that lurks within, the chief minister of Nagaland recently complained how he was often asked if he was Nepali.


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