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Monday, July 27, 2009

Haqqani, Ejaz Haider's BS, Khaled Ahmed's distortion,

Said the neocon Pakistan Ambassador to the Court of Obamama, ‘US now understands Pakistan’s situation’

Oh, well! Thanks Mr. Ambassador.

And our friend Ejaz Haider obviously did not have anything better to write about so his BS goes like: Nomani’s Big Fat Bullshit Article! —Ejaz Haider

Would you like to read a book that:

Professor Netton of the University of Leeds has accomplished a difficult job with great caution, allowing into the volume an enormous amount of information without being controversial, which is another way of saying that he has presented the work without offending an increasingly narrow-minded, bigoted and divided Muslim community. (in simpler English this means censoring and distorting facts ~~t) Khaled Ahmed


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