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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

silence - is more

silence - is more
than the absence of sound
from the music of living
more than the bazaar bustle
that trickles down after dark
more than the incessant braying
of the politicians - and the driven
more than the righteous indignation
of pundits, bloggers, whiners
children, friends, ex lovers

silence - is more
than the still lull
before the tribulation
more than the fury
of the cascading snow
over roofs, trees, lines
more than the water
over flowing river banks
to submerge memories
and habitats of people
in its quiet wake

silence - is more
than the sepia smile
ensconced in worn wallets
smiles that ushered in
passions, hope, dreams once
smiles that refuse to fade away

silence - is also a whore
ghungroo ya mangalsutra
that can be bought
for an hour, evening, night
or even longer
for consideration
peace or survival

come, sit here beside me
my friend, let's witness
the segueing cacophony
of life unfurl before us
in silence


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