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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nosheen Abbas: Neutrality is sometimes a graver sin than belligerence

For a moment I thought Nosheen is pulling wool. Ms Hashmi's actions as that of Al Huda's could very well be likened to Mossad's - to infilterate, brainwash and side-line a sizeable pecentage of Muslims.~~t

Asalam-o-Aalaikum, who would you like to speak to?’ asked an educated sounding girl when I called Al-Huda International in Islamabad. I wanted to speak to the principal, I replied. Al-Huda is one of the most influential (international) Islamic organizations in the world. They have over 250 branches across the world and have female students in the millions. In effect, Al-Huda International is responsible for the religious and spiritual upbringing of millions of girls around the world. So, perhaps like many others, I wanted to know their take on the current situation in Pakistan.

I couldn’t get through to her so instead I was left with the regional director’s email address. Not expecting a swift reply, I emailed Ms Yasmin Khakwani the following question: What is your opinion about what the Taliban are doing in various parts of the country? Do you consider their actions correct?

This was her response: ‘I work for Al-Huda with a Vision of ‘Quran for all,’ so like any other citizen, I am not aware of all such activities happening around us.’


Blogger Surreal said...

Upon reading an article published on Saturday 20th May 2009, titled “You think: 'What? Are we not Muslims?' . I was at first horrified at the many incoherent assumptions in the article itself and surprised at the lack of review by the administration before publishing of such an article. In fact in my opinion it is an article which unfortunately is lacking research, is incoherent and rather lacks professionalism and reflects more on the personal bias of the writer which too unfortunately has no standing solid ground.

May 19, 2010 12:40 PM  

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