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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How You Can Save 60 Gallons of Water Today!

My favorite environmental subject is water conservation. Why? Spite. I used to have this roommate who would take hour-long showers, and anything I can do to make her look bad is pleasing to me. My motives may not be pure, but at least I’m fighting for a good cause. Right?

  • Take a 5-Minute Shower Instead of a 10-Minute Shower
    Savings: 12.5 gallons

  • Put a bottle filled with gravel in your toilet tank.
    Savings: 7.5 gallons

  • Turn off the Water While Brushing Teeth and Shaving
    Savings: 8 gallons

  • Filling Your Dishwasher to Max Capacity
    Savings: 2 gallons

  • Mulching Your Garden
    Savings: 25 gallons

  • Fix that Leaky Faucet
    Savings: 5 gallons

Total Water Savings: 60 gallons


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