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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Why is the Center For American Progress Cavorting With Neocons?

A damning indictment ~~t

On April 3, CAP is hosting a little release party for the report in the form of a public discussion arrogantly titled, “A New Way Forward in Afghanistan,” which includes a leading neoconservative activist, Frederick Kagan, one of the lead proponents of the “surge” in Iraq. In addition to being a “Resident Scholar” at the American Enterprise Institute, which was basically Dick Cheney’s bunker away from the bunker in the 1990s, Kagan was also a major figure in advocating the agenda of the neocon-Project for a New American Century, which molded the Bush administration’s conquistador foreign policy. Kagan’s brother Robert along with his loony-bin necon buddy William Kristol started a new version of PNAC a few weeks ago, called the Foreign Policy Initiative. Another key figure in the group is Dan Senor (who is married to CNN’s Campbell Brown), formerly L. Paul Bremer’s righthand in Iraq and a generally repulsive character. FPI’s primary objective thus far seems to be supporting Obama’s Afghanistan policy and encouraging it to get even more violent and bloody and open ended. Great bunch of fellas, really. See here and here for more on FPI.


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