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Friday, December 19, 2008

A terroist in the Jail with three mobile phones, six batteries, 18 SIMS

This fellow is incarcerated in Hyderabad Jail and he can threaten at will? ~ t

In a sensational development, authorities have claimed busting a clandestine terror network set up by jailed killer of Daniel Pearl inside the Hyderabad Jail and the Sindh government has suspended senior police and jail officials after a large number of cell phones, SIMs and other equipment were recovered.

Interior ministry sources said on Wednesday the jailed terrorist had also threatened Pervez Musharraf on his personal cell phone in November and planned to get him eliminated by a suicide bomber.

The caller reportedly told the former president: “I am after you, get ready to die.” Investigations revealed the call was made by someone from the Hyderabad Central Jail. Being a suspect, Sheikh Omar was placed under observation before it transpired he was the one who had threatened Musahrraf.


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