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Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Rediff Interview/Joint Commissioner of Police Rakesh Maria

At what point did Kasab started talking to you?

A lot of psychology comes into play when we tackle such a terrorist. An interrogation by the police is like a game of chess.

He told us first about the boat MV Kuber. He didn't know its name, but he described it as a brown colour boat. He gave us the description of the inside of the boat too.

We in turn told the Coast Guard and early in the morning they surveyed the sea by helicopters and traced the Kuber. Kasab only told us that the Indian tandel (captain of the fishing vessel) was killed and that his body is lying in the engine room of the boat.

Kasab told us that the GPS and Thuraya phones are lying in so and so part of the boat. He only gave us the detail of his family and village address.

The Lashkar-e-Tayiba provided the dinghies and phones to these ten people. We believe that the entire equipment and explosives was supplied to these terrorists in Karachi by the Lashkar.


Part I: 'Our operation was not about 10 terrorists, it was about saving lives'

Part II: 'Where was the question of negotiations?'


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