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Thursday, December 18, 2008

‘Is Afghanistan Lost?’ Panelists ask for clarity in U.S. policy By Ruth Walker

The war in Afghanistan, Ambassador Lodhi said, “was not a war fought with any strategy. It was a war of emotion — to avenge the Sept. 11 terror attacks.” What’s needed is “not tweaking but a radical change of policy,” because “the situation has gone way beyond tweaking.”

Lodhi called for the redefining of policy goals in Afghanistan, and for a recognition that the strategy there needs to be more regional. “The stabilization of Afghanistan can’t be allowed to lead to the destabilization of Pakistan,” she said.

She also stressed that the importance of addressing “the trust deficit” between the United States and Pakistan. “Only at the leadership level is there trust.” She also called for “a break from this pernicious legacy of treating Pakistan as hired help instead of a valued partner.”


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