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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Two Mass Murderers, Two Very Different Stories and Much Hypocrisy, Obama's squandered honeymoon, China & Burma, India, America and more

William Calley and the alleged Pan Am bomber were both convicted of mass murder. Yet Calley's recent appearances have provoked no outrage. Why the double standard? Two Mass Murderers, Two Very Different Stories and Much Hypocrisy By Nick Turse,

By refusing to stand up to the finance oligarchs, the Obama Admistration fed the cynics and dissipated the opportunity for real change. Obama's Squandered Honeymoon: How Botched Bailouts Hamper Healthcare Reform By Rob Johnson, NewDeal 2.0

The Myanmar military offensive against an insurgent group, which has pushed an estimated 50,000 refugees into China, is a sign that the ruling generals are asserting their independence from Beijing, the regime's main backer. Increased efforts to disarm other rebels, including those that enjoy special ties with China, may plunge the China-Myanmar border into widespread conflict. - Larry Jagan Border war rattles China-Myanmar ties

President Hamid Karzai, called the "wizard" for his ability to outwit opponents, insists he is the rightful winner of the Afghan presidential election and won't face a runoff just to satisfy American demands. His challengers - Dr Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani - are too-soft technocrats that Afghans may come to call "Obama's wives". As days pass, the standoff gets messier and messier. - M K Bhadrakumar Wizards and wives drive Afghan election

Claims by a senior Indian scientist that the country's nuclear tests in 1998 went off with a whimper rather than a bang have caused not just outrage, but major concern that the hard-won India-United States civilian nuclear deal could now be in jeopardy. - Neeta Lal India reels under explosive nuclear charge

When the Libyan jailed for the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie was freed, a furor erupted in the United States. At the same time, an apology from an American sentenced to life in prison for the massacre of Vietnamese civilians in 1971 - but who spent only three days locked up - was met with little fanfare. - Nick Turse DISPATCHES FROM AMERICA : From My Lai to Lockerbie

Canada's approach to vaccinating people against swine flu is too slow to protect the most vulnerable, an editorial in Monday's Canadian Medical Association Journal says. Flu vaccine plan will be too slow: CMAJ


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