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Friday, August 22, 2008

Najmuddin Shaikh on Nawaz Sharif

* This was the prime minister whose supporters in full public view had sacked the Supreme Court building and thrown out the chief justice of the day, setting the precedent for March 9, 2007.

* This was the prime minister whose massive mandate came when between the closing of the polls and the declaration of results, voter turnout climbed by 15 percent amid charges of massive ballot box stuffing.

* This was the man who was going to become the “Amir-ul Momineen” once Senate elections had been held in March 2000 and requisite majority obtained in both houses to make the required changes in the constitution. The powers he would then have enjoyed would have dwarfed even the powers Musharraf enjoyed during his one-man rule.

* This was the prime minister who had frozen foreign exchange accounts causing business confidence to crumble and occasioning a flight of capital.

* This was the prime minister who perforce, as some accounts suggest, or because he was suffering from delusions of grandeur allowed the Kargil Operation to commence or to be continued by the selfsame General Musharraf.

* This was the prime minister who, after the Kargil fiasco and after the humiliating visit to the US, sought, without adequate preparation, to assert control over the armed forces in what was a legally dubious and pragmatically unsound manner.

* This was the prime minister who imprisoned dissenting journalists and who brooked no opposition to his despotic rule.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

We would now like to hear Mr. Shaikh's views on the current PM and the Prez in waiting.

August 22, 2008 9:21 AM  

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